Craig Stedman’s Legal Achievements


Leader in the field of criminal justice with over 27 years of experience in federal, state, and county courts fighting for public safety.

Protects communities with forward-thinking policies that prioritize the worst offenders as well as implementing strategic and innovative reforms to increase efficiencies and taxpayer savings, conduct programs focused on crime prevention and education, as well offer diversionary programs for those who deserve a second chance.  Committed to interpreting the rule of law with equality and fairness and its administration with integrity, honor, and common sense consistent with the Constitution.

  1. Prioritized repeat, violent, and sexual offenders, as well as stranger house burglars, for appropriate sentences to protect our communities and families.
  2. Established model Special Victims Unit against child predators and achieved statewide recognition for collaborative practices and protocols.
  3. Created first-ever Lancaster County Elder Abuse Prosecution Unit and Task Force and partnered with the Office of Aging to assist and protect our seniors.
  4. Increased office commitment to community education, prevention and deterrence programs and hired first-ever Lancaster County Community Outreach Coordinator.
  5. Worked with court on reforms to dramatically increase court efficiency, significantly reduce prison population, and save the taxpayer millions, without harming public safety.
  6. Designed and proposed DUI Central Court with common sense changes which have increased efficiency, reduced costs, and been universally praised by police, courts, and defense bar.
  7. Established DUI Repeat Offender Program, which protects the community, targets the highest risk offenders, and allows others to be placed on an alcohol monitoring bracelet.
  8. Strengthened Domestic Violence Unit and instituted Lethality Assessment Program to identify the highest risk cases to coordinate the proper response and/or services.
  9. Built strong Computer Forensic Unit to target online predators and analyze data.
  10. Created first ever Lancaster County Major Crash Investigative Unit.
  11. Created first ever Lancaster County Major Crimes Unit Forensic Team.
  12. Increased opportunities for diversionary programs for non-violent first time offenders.
  13. Created ARD Panels which give defendants, with counsel, the option to meet with prosecutors in a non-adversarial forum designed to craft the best outcome for all.
  14. Increased office efficiency and streamlined procedures to cut waste.
  15. Created position for first ever Public Safety Grant Coordinator resulting in substantial savings.
  16. Created policy to ensure police input on pleas and entry into diversionary programs.
  17. Integrated victim advocates with prosecutors to increase victim input and services.
  1. Responsible for all homicide and suspicious death investigations.
  2. Supervised and coordinated strategy, search warrants and charges with police.
  1. First in the office to be cross-designated to prosecute gun crimes in federal court.
  2. Established and supervised the Lancaster County Firearms Task Force.
  1. Successfully prosecuted all types of cases to include the most serious and complicated cases in the county and obtained verdict sought in all homicide trials.         
  2. Researched and handled appeals in the appellate courts of Pennsylvania.