Craig has a demonstrably strong record for increasing efficiency in the District Attorney’s Office which have led to significant taxpayer savings.  He presented the court with plans to create both a Central DUI Court and a Domestic Violence Court which have been adopted and resulted in significantly expedited dispositions.  He also worked with our court to come up with a plan to reduce delays in our pending case list with demonstrable results.  Working together, Craig and the courts reduced the number of cases over one year in age from 28% a few years ago to 6%.  This dramatic change has saved the county millions of dollars in prison costs and related expenses which stem from delayed justice.

Craig believes public servants have a duty to act with as much efficiency and effectiveness as possible.  He knows that the funds spent in government are not ours, we should only spend what we must, and we must justify each expense.

Craig continually meets with his staff at all levels to assess how they can do better.  At Craig’s direction, they have consolidated contracts, such as Westlaw, with other county offices to get a better price.  They streamlined their own procedures whenever possible to save resources.  In fact, one of the first things Craig did when he became District Attorney was to create an electronic discovery process for our police reports which not only saves money but increases efficiencies.  He is also proud that even though the District Attorney’s duties have significantly increased over his ten years in office, he has not requested even one additional full-time prosecutor.   Craig takes spending very seriously and his military training has reinforced his commitment to look for solutions rather than blame.

These were charismatic men, each in their own way, was fascinating to observe and to engage. Anyone watching, listening or even simply reading the text of rally and stump speeches can feel the energy and sincerity of their beliefs .

Watch Craig detail his record in his own words on WGAL and ABC27:


One particular news outlet, Lancaster Newspapers (LNP), has waged an all-out campaign to misrepresent events, refuse to investigate matters which do not fit their narrative, minimize and print only selective facts, as well as ignore the truth.  Their purported stories stem from an obvious bias and political agenda.

DA Stedman has provided a wealth of information about the actual facts listed below- almost all of which have been ignored by LNP.  Yet the facts below are essential to provide context, fairness, and most of all: the truth.

DA Stedman has always worked cooperatively with every Board of Commissioners (BOC) and if an issue arose, then conversations were had, resolutions discussed, and progress achieved- all to the benefit of the taxpayers we serve.

Recently, however, instead of picking up the phone and having a conversation about any questions or concerns, this BOC has chosen a path of only communicating with DA Stedman via legal filings and media releases in partnership with LNP which have been incredibly misleading.

With regard to forfeiture in general – the LNP editorial board misleads the public by refusing to mention that DA Stedman changed the general policy regarding forfeiture in Lancaster County to a post-conviction county.  This is in stark contrast to many other counties as well as the OAG and in keeping with what the top priority of what reformers advocate.

Failure to include this critical fact is unmistakably indicative of a pattern of intentionally misleading the public on DA Stedman.  There is no way to reasonably justify omission of this policy as fair when writing about the issue of forfeiture reform.

DA Stedman is ALREADY doing the very thing the study and reformers advocate.This community deserves elected officials who will work with the public’s best interest as their guiding priority.  Apprising residents via the media-without even cursory inquiries into the facts or the law, and launching “investigations” without any legal authority- does little to achieve that goal.

The public has a right to expect their leaders to at least attempt to discuss a concern before resorting to legal filings and/or casting accusations in the media.  This BOC has unfortunately chosen what should be the last resort: legal action and blatant false attacks in direct partnership with LNP.  DA Stedman has been left with no choice but to respond in the same arena in which he fully recognizes that no matter who “wins”, everyone, including the public, loses.

DA Stedman, as he has for 28 years as a public servant in Lancaster County, will continue to spend all his efforts to stay on the track of fairness and integrity with the best interests of the public at the forefront and hopes that all fellow elected officials will chose that same path.   He cannot control what the biased LNP chooses to print and/or ignore but he can present the facts below for those interested in the actual truth rather than agenda driven false “news.” 

Read the detailed praise of Craig Stedman’s work by the Lancaster County Police Chiefs Association.  They explain “We find Craig Stedman to be a man of honor, courage, leadership and wisdom.”  Furthermore, “District Attorney Stedman is an unprecedented advocate of transparency.”  They close by writing, “As the district attorney, Craig Stedman has been tough on crime and an ardent supporter of law enforcement. Due process is a constitutional, crucial and fundamental right never to be infringed upon. We have all seen a reduction in crime thanks to Craig, and our communities are safer because of him.”

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