Fake News 2: False Campaign Accusation

FICTION:  LNP continues to run stories regarding allegations of Mr. Hess that suggest DA Stedman attempted to have him attempt to have a candidate withdraw from the judicial race.  

FACTS:  This is just absolutely false.  LNP continuous to fail to point out the absolute absurdity in what Mr. Hess claims as well as numerous blatant inconsistencies within his own statement.  More significantly, they also continue to omit the important fact that the RCLC released a public statement that Mr. Hess, on January 17, 2009, threatened to “destroy” the reputations of numerous members of my office, Candidate Mansfield, myself, as well as Chairman Radanovic if the party did not support his client.  The support was not forthcoming and he has attempted to do exactly what he threatened.

They also continue to ignore that DA Stedman handled the sexual harassment issue in 2009 exactly as it should have been handled.  LNP further refused to contact the senior female ADA who can directly refute the claim that anyone was telling the client of Mr. Hess to do or say anything other than the truth as Mr. Hess claimed.

Truthful information is only “damaging” if someone has not been truthful and it is very clear from all the evidence already in the public domain that all DA Stedman wanted was for the candidates to tell truth and they agreed to do that same.  

It should also be noted that DA Stedman never released any information regarding the facts of 2009 as Mr. Hess claimed would take place even though the other candidate never withdrew from the race.